MerchantPOS® will make entering and editing products, ordering and receiving products, managing receivables and producing reports easier than ever. At the point-of-sale, users familiar with Windows will quickly catch on to how the software functions – making training your new employees faster.

Best of all, existing users can upgrade to our new Windows version directly from their existing program, without having to re-enter any data!

In addition to the extensive feature set MerchantPOS® also offers:

Quicker, Easier Record Maintenance

The Windows interface allows you to move quickly with the click of your mouse through the program and through each record. You no longer have to arrow through the menus or enter through each Inventory, Vendor and Customer record until you reach the field you want to edit.

Frequent Buyer Program

Offer your customers discounts based on the volume of their purchases. Each purchase awards a specified number of points, which translates to a discount on future purchases. Use this feature to keep old customers and attract new ones.

Product and Shelf Labels

Print a variety of clear and informative shelf and product barcode labels directly from your software on any laser printer. We’ve created a variety of labels formats, which will print on standard label templates.

Simpler Security System

Log on to the system only once and your security level is remembered until you log out! Any feature you do not have clearance to use will simply deny you access.

Import and Export Data

We added an Import/Export feature which makes moving data to and from your favorite word-processing or spreadsheet software a snap. Manage your data in any way you like.

Email Customers and Vendors

Keep in touch! We’ve added a field in the customer, vendor and employee records for an email address. When you click on the email button in any record, the system automatically launches your email program and places the address in to “To:” line.

Clean and Pack Selected Files

You no longer have to clean and pack every file, each time you perform routine maintenance. Now you can run a routine clean and pack, which does only the files used the most, a selective which does a particular file you might be having a problem with or a full set, which does every file as in the current system.

Create Promotion Lists

Now you can make a list of products you wish to put on promotion instead of pulling up every item one by one. From the product list, you simply tag the items you wish to put on promotion and once the list is complete the system will load those items for you to enter the appropriate sale information for each.

Pictures on Product, Customer, Employee and Vendor Records

Add pictures to your product, customer, employee and vendor records. This gives you more information to give to a customer inquiring about a particular product and an easy way to identify the people you do business with.

Gift Baskets

Create a gift basket or Kit item in which you group a selection of items to be sold together. You can add and remove items from this gift basket. When you sell the gift basket, you simply scan the one barcode and the system automatically removes all the individual items in the basket from inventory.

Gift Certificates

Create and track gift certificates for your customers. You can use preprinted forms or have the system create a gift certificate on your receipt printer. You can also generate a report indicating all open gift certificates.

Weighted Items

Items such as gourmet coffees, cheeses and other deli items can be classified as weighted and sold by the pound or ounce. MerchantPOS®  will calculate the price based on weight or you can use a scale, which produces labels barcoded for a weighted price.

General Ledger Merge

Cut down on data entry and errors - MerchantPOS® will create an interface file to download essential information from your end of day to your QuickBooks or Peachtree accounting package. Information is held in this file until you choose to upload it into your accounting package.

Group Edit

Avoid time-consuming and tedious data entry edits by grouping together items and making necessary global changes for the entire group. This feature can be activated on one station only in order to protect your data. You can also UNDO the last group edit performed in case of error!

Cash Drops

Remove excess cash from your cash drawers while maintaining the ability to follow the flow of cash through the end of day. MerchantPOS® can print two copies or more of the receipt for a cash drop in order to help you track your cash.

Help Cursor

This handy new feature provides additional guidance through the Customize, Group Edit and Export functions of the software.

New Reports

Both the Exception Log and the Expense Log can now be reprinted. There is also a Variable Deposit Log which tracks the variable deposit items kegs, taps, etc. which may be out at any given time. The Shelf Restocking Report will make sure you keep your shelves fully stocked and the Hourly Sales Report allows you to assess the flow of business throughout the day.

Check Cashing Table-Based Fees

MerchantPOS® gives you an option to set up table-based fees for cashing checks you can specify the stepped structure for fees to be assessed when a customer cashes a check.

Compounding Taxes

For those unfortunate few who have to pay taxes on the tax MerchantPOS® can now be set up to allow for compounding taxes where there is a tax applied to one or all of the taxes already applied to an item. Taxes can also be applied to deposits.

Explode Product Information

At the Sales Screen, you can view all of a products details but the information cannot be edited in order to protect your data.