Simply Better Business

Now every retailer can experience the same total control our liquor store customers have been enjoying since 1989. MerchantPOS® —our retail point-of-sale software released in 2003—offers all the features of LiquorPOS® as well as a layaway module. Hundreds of retailers worldwide have profited firsthand from the software specifically designed to meet their needs—you can, too!

We’d like to help you understand just how fast you can begin saving money (and time) and increasing your profits.

Maximize Sales, Maximize Profits.

  • Fast and easy customer checkout.
  • Never again run to check a price. It’s all there at the register—pricing, quantity and deposit information.
  • Detailed, professional receipts.

Recognize Special Customers And Keep Them Coming Back for More.

  • Reward your best customers. Implement automatic discount incentive programs.
  • House accounts complete with preferences and comprehensive monthly billing statements enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Purchase history tracking helps you focus your sales efforts.
  • Personalized bar-coded customer cards enable automatic processing of pre-authorized discounts.
  • Access and print drink recipes—over 1,000 provided.

Tracking on Demand. With Knowledge Comes Power.

  • Track sales by brand, type, department, distributor or date.
  • Access costs and profit margins in seconds.
  • Track bottle, keg and tap deposits. Document employee sales performance.

Fully Automated Inventory Control. Never a Day Late or a Dollar Short.

  • Barcode scanning of manufacturers’ UPC codes ensures accurate processing.
  • Perpetual inventory automatically updated with each sale and delivery.
  • Reorder reports eliminate surprises.

Embedded, Multi-Layered Security. Protecting Your Interests 24 Hours a Day.

  • Select functions and data restricted to authorized employees.
  • Sales and product editing tracked by employee, ensuring total accountability.