Security is an essential part of any point of sale software. With LiquorPOS® you can securitize all software functions and track activities you need to keep tabs on.

Security by User

LiquorPOS® has a completely customizable security system. You can give each user of your point of sale system as much or as little access to sensitive functions as you want.

Security Logs

To properly identify questionable activity you need detailed evidence. LiquorPOS® has several log functions that allow you to track, among other things, voiding, edits, deletions and discounts made in the sales screen along with any changes made to product and sales records outside of the sales screen.

SalesScreen Only

LiquorPOS® has a SalesScreen only option. When using this aspect of the software on a workstation, clerks are locked out of all backoffice editing and reporting functions. The SalesScreen also disables the Windows start bar and requires a computer restart upon exit. This prevents clerks from accessing any other programs in Windows.