An important benefit to implementing any point of sale package is easy access to accurate information. LiquorPOS® produces reports with user defined levels of detail that let you really get a handle on your business. Read more below for a sample of the software’s reporting capabilities.

Sales Reports

Sales can be tracked at any level in LiquorPOS® You can see sales by individual item or by groups of similar items and you can look at figures by year, month, day and even by hour.


Profit Reports

LiquorPOS® gives you the reports you need to see how much you’re making and where you’re making it. Detailed reports allow you to see your most profitable items and those that aren’t getting you the return you want.


Popularity Reports

Quickly find which are your top selling items! You can also run reports comparing sales for different periods of time allowing you to better identify seasonal favorites or judge the effect of promotions.


Daily Reconciliation

Enhanced accountability is another major benefit of using a LiquorPOS® point-of-sale system. LiquorPOS® makes balancing your day easy with the ‘adding machine’ to account for all cash, check and charge tenders.

LiquorPOS® also generates detailed daily closeout reports. The closeout process can be customized to produce individual reports for a shift, station or clerk. A consolidated report will always be produced at the end of day. On all the reports you will get, among other things, a breakdown of sales by tender type, a read on discounts and coupons and a calculated over/short amount.