Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking is one of the most essential parts of running a retail liquor business. LiquorPOS® offers a number of features to make your job easier and assure you always have an accurate inventory count.

Purchasing and Receiving

Purchase orders and receiving inventory are both automated in LiquorPOS®®. The software allows you to generate suggested orders, based on what you always want to have in stock, and then monitor cost changes when you receive.

Monitoring Inventory

LiquorPOS provides several reporting options that let you quickly see what you currently have in stock and its value, at both the retail price and your cost.

Counting Inventory

Periodic inventory counts are a necessary but often tedious job for retailers. LiquorPOS® gives you the tools and options you need to make counting inventory easy. Produce count sheets for groups of items (and then enter from those sheets), scan items, load counts from a handheld or import a file from a data collection company.

Go!POS® There are many different handheld units out there made for collecting inventory. The problem is they’re often not designed for any particular point-of-sale package which makes integrating them a challenge. That is why we developed a handheld of our own specifically for use with LiquorPOS®.