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Boot up with LiquorPOS® or MerchantPOS® point-of-sale and inventory management software, and you'll experience total control - from maximizing sales to flawless accounting, from real-time inventory control and management, taxation data and air-tight security. Hundreds of businesses worldwide have profited firsthand from the retail point-of-sale software designed specifically to meet their needs. You can, too!

Without changing the way you already work, expand your reach to literally every aspect of your operation - whether you're running just one retail outlet or a hundred. While offering an extensive set of features, LiquorPOS and MerchantPOS are still remarkably easy to use. Of the dozens of point-of-sale programs tested by Computer Reseller News, LiquorPOS has been rated "Easiest to Use". Many of our users are new to automated POS systems and find they are able to implement the system in less than a day. Greatly simplifying the start-up process is the inclusion of a 15,000-item database containing basic information for key industry items.

Technical support unsurpassed in the industry sets us apart from the rest. While our unique, dedicated software is the cornerstone of our business, applying its full potential to yours is what's made us successful. We are committed to the success of our customers. Our mission is to provide retailers with the best automation tools available so they can compete and prosper in today's challenging marketplace. Check out our Software Products page for more details!