Boot up with LiquorPOS® or MerchantPOS® point-of-sale and inventory management software, and experience what hundreds of businesses worldwide have profited from firsthand—retail point-of-sale software designed specifically to meet your needs.



Exclusively for Beverage Retailers

LiquorPOS is the point-of-sale and inventory control software designed specifically for your retail liquor store. With LiquorPOS, you can make your time more productive, your paperwork more manageable and your business more successful.



Expanded for All Retailers

Now every retailer can experience the same total control our liquor store customers have been enjoying since 1989. Hundreds of retailers worldwide have profited firsthand from the software specifically designed to meet their needs—and you can, too.



Support Programs

Get the support you need, the way you need it. We offer the right technical support to resolve even your most challenging issues. Pick the support level best suited to your individual needs and call us today at 800.565.6675.



Our Products

Our point-of-sale software is designed to be compatible with industry-standard computers and peripherals, enabling you to choose from a variety of vendors and styles.

Committed to Your Success

Our mission is to provide retailers with the best automation tools available so you can compete and prosper in today’s challenging marketplace.

Easy to Use

Of the dozens of point-of-sale programs tested by Computer Reseller News, LiquorPOS has been rated “Easiest to Use.”

Total Control

Without changing the way you already work, expand your reach to literally every aspect of your operation—whether you’re running just one retail outlet or a hundred.

Unsurpassed Support

While our unique, dedicated software is the cornerstone of our business, applying its full potential to yours is what’s made us successful.

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